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Estrada 6’1″ used surfboard

Estrada high performance surfboard. 6’1″ squash tail, good condition, slight yellowing but good to go.

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Grom Board

Wanted November 15, 2014

Looking for a used shortboard for my grom. Something in the 4’9″-5’0″ range. Around 18″ wide, about 2″ thickness. I prefer if it’s not too knifey, as in it’s got a bit of width in the nose and tail but not a spoon or too fishy.

please contact through the form and email pics if you can.

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Estrada 5’11” used surfboard

Surfboards July 22, 2014

Mike Estrada shaped 5’11” squash tail tri-fin used surfboard. This is a perfect small wave board, it’s very responsive and skatie.

FCS fins

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Estrada 6’1″ used surfboard

Surfboards July 12, 2014

Estrada 6’1″ performance shortboard.
width: 18 1/2″
thickness: 2 1/8″ – 2 3/16″ (can’t remember exactly)

This was a magic stick, it’s seen better days but all of the dings are sealed. There is a slight buckle on the bottom that leads to one of the rails. (see pic) It still rides good, but it could possibly break with enough impact. It has x-trac pad and I’ll throw in some fcs fins too.

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5’11” Estrada Epoxy used surfboard

Surfboards July 9, 2014

5’11” Estrada Epoxy in great condition with OAM traction pad.
thickness: 2 3/16″
width: 18 1/2″

(fins pictured not included, but I can throw in some standard composite futures fins)

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Estrada 6’1

Surfboards April 6, 2014

Shaped by Mike Estrada, 6’1″ standard shortboard shape for all around hi-performance. It’s in good solid condition, ready for a new shredder!

FCS fins

Kelly Slater K-Grip traction pad

ps, the seagull art is spray paint so if you’re scared of the pink you can take it off with solvent.

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Used Vans Snowboard Boots

Gear January 24, 2013

Mens 10.5 Vans Fargo Snowboard boots. I’m selling these super cheap because the heel cup on the left boot got peeled back when I pulled out of the binding. I squeezed a bunch of silicon in there and pressed it all back together and it looks like it’s holding pretty nicely, but there’s no guarantee it will hold through much abuse. That said if it does pull back again I’m sure if you spent some time re-siliconing it nicely or if it was taken to a cobbler you could get a really good strong hold.

Other than that these boots are in great condition, only used them about 8 times.

email me through the contact form and go shred!

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Snowboard and Bindings

Snowboards December 22, 2012

Basically giving away a snowboard and bindings. I think it’s about a 142 and in reasonable rideable condition. Joyride bindings should fit around a size 5-8. Get on the mountain on the cheap!

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Pro-lite triple coffin boardbag

Gear December 8, 2012

6’8″ Pro-Lite triple coffin boardbag. Will fit 3-4 surfboards. It’s in good working condition, only issue is one of the double zippers came off the tracks, but the other zipper completely opens and closes the boardbag without issue. I think the other zipper can be re-tracked back on, just not sure how to do it.

This bag was over $200 new plus tax. Come and get it, go on an adventure!

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Aleeda 4/3mm fullsuit used wetsuit

Gear October 23, 2012

Size medium Aleeda 4/3mm blindstitch and glued fullsuit with short-zip. It’s cold out there! Stay warm!

I have some used booties size 10 and 11 I’ll add for cheap too.

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New 6’2 Mayhem surfboard

Surfboards June 28, 2012

Brand new never been surfed.
6.2 x 19 x 2 3/8ths
Squash tail
Future fins.
Driver model

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Vintage 1989 Burton Cruise 165cm Snowboard

Snowboards June 5, 2012

For sale is a vintage 1989 Burton Cruise 165cm snowboard in great used condition. The topsheet is in sweet condition and has some basic scratches, scrapes, dings, but no serious damage. The colors are bright and vivid. The bottom is in nice condition and does not have any coreshots or major damage. This board would make a great addition to any collection!! Will ship outside US, buyer pay for shipping.

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Futures fins WCT

Gear May 27, 2012

WCT model Futures Fins:
Fiberglass and Honeycomb
A unique upright template making the fin very fast and pivoty. Designed for tight vertical snaps and critical surfing. This fin is based off of the Kelly Slater fin template.

I’ve used this fin ONLY 1 TIME. It wasn’t a fit for the board I wanted to use it on. These were $70 plus tax in store. They have a little knick on the tips of two of the fins from some friendly rocks but shouldn’t affect performance at all.

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MBM – Al Merrick Channel Islands 6’2″

Surfboards May 16, 2012

6’2″ x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ MBM

I only rode it a couple times and it is in ‘Like New’ condition – with minor pressure dings on the top under the front foot area. Other than that it has just been chilling in my garage and I am sure now ready to be picked up and ridden in time for the Summer season. yew!

ps The fin setup is Futures.

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DaKine surfboard bag

Gear May 10, 2012

8’6″ nose rider model. Stored a gun in it… never out side my garage. Like new.


No texts

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6’4″ T-Patterson used Surfboard

Surfboards May 1, 2012

Selling my 6’4″ Tim Patterson surfboard. It’s 20″ wide and 2 5/8″ thick comes with standard futures fins. It’s made for a bigger guy or someone who wants more foam. It’s good in smaller surf, but also great in bigger surf. It’s in good condition, the deck has some pressures, and the bottom has only one pressure. The board has one ding that is fixed on the tail. I’m pricing it low to hopefully sell fast $150 FIRM!


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Surfboards April 17, 2012

Super clean 5’6″ lost rocket! this board is so fun to ride.

. . .Lost Rocket Shortboard. Must be ridden to be believed! Originally shaped as a 5’3″ for Shane Beschen’s young son Noah by former Lost shaper and pro surfer Noah Budroe. The board features a wide forward outline with round forgiving rails, flat deck and a wide “rocket” tail. The rocker is extremely low in the entry, for instant speed, with an exaggerated kick in the tail for tight arcs out of turns. A small to average wave all-rounder that can be effectively ridden 4″ to 6″ shorter, 1/8″ thinner, and just slightly wider than your normal short board without sacrificing any carve or drive. . ..Lost Surfboards.

– 5’6″ x 19.0″ x 2.13″

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OP Twin Fin Surfboard – Black Resin Tint Glossed and Polished

Surfboards April 4, 2012

Just pulled down from the rafters and now up for grabs is a OP twin fin surfboard.

Approximate dimensions are 6’2″ x 20″ x 2 3/4″ but there are no dimensions written on the board and it is unsigned. I have personally had this board for over 10 years and it was given to me by someone who had it before that. I don’t know the age of it, but judging by the fins and leash plug I would guess 1990’s sometime. This may have been used as a display board in a store or something.

It is glossed and polished with what looks like black resin tint, and has never been waxed or ridden. There is one tiny puka size shatter on the deck above the logo, other than that it is in mint condition.


(9FOUR9) 335-8l47

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6’10” vintage stinger surfboard

Surfboards March 27, 2012

1970s stinger surfboard Small Faces

super cool retro board

needs a couple small dings fixed then ready to hit the water

has some delam where you see the discoloration on the deck but still surf-able or repair and it will last forever

6’10” long 20.5″ wide and about 3″ thick


phone only:

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7 skate, Snowboard Helmets

Gear March 13, 2012

I am selling 7 skate or snowboard helmets.
All in god condition.
2 of them are Pro-Tech helmets!
Let’s make a deal.

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Quiksilver Syncro 4-3mm wetsuit size MS

Gear January 18, 2012

Quiksilver Syncro 4/3mm wetsuit size medium short MS.
very good condition. call 760 635 3604

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5’9″ Ambrose Sputnik Quad Fish – Surfboard

Surfboards January 17, 2012

5’9″ x 20.5″ x 2.5″

Shawn Ambrose Sputnik model, Stringerless, EPS/Epoxy, LOKBOX Shawn Ambrose “Quadzilla” quad fins, with carbon fiber ‘Flex Drive’ strips along the rails.

Board is in very nice condition.

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