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Shimano Enduro 2 Clicker Boots Women’s Size 9- Never used!!

Gear March 27, 2014

Women Size 9, these are step in boots that work with clicker bindings. They feature internal lateral hinge for lateral support and movement, ratcheting ankle strap for superior heel hold and support, aggressive heel and toe ramp for reduced heel and toe drag. The ankle of the boot is flexible with more sideways movement.

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K2 Electra Snowboard-immaculate- Never Used!!

Snowboards March 27, 2014

>K2 Electra 153 Snowboard and Bindings:
Two LEDs in the board’s deck let you know when the piezoelectrics are shunting mechanical shocks into electric jolts; styling of this board does not go out of date; Like powder? then you will like this board! K2 Bindings adhered to the board.
> piezoelectric dampers – smart devices – originally designed to smooth a space shuttle’s flight through supersonic re-entry turbulence.
> the piezoelectrics in this board absorb and dissipate vibrations that tend to cause the board to chatter and lose contact with the snow. Lost contact equals lost control, which often results in the board’s rider hucking down the hill on tender body parts.
> unlike rubber, the piezoelectrics convert vibrations into electricity that is dissipated through the board’s core as heat and light. The “smart” part is that the units are tune to selectively dampen harmful vibrations around 70 Hz, while leaving good vibrations, such as subtle commands from your feet, at full strength.
> a snowboard that gives a smoother ride while allowing tighter, higher-speed turns, all while under control!
> the faster you go, the better it works.” That is because the 80% vibration amplitude reduction gives more of a difference in absolute level with the greater amplitude vibrations that come as speed increases.
> Many professional riders say “it’s the best board they’ve ever used.”

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