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Used skateboard for sale. $15

Skateboards August 19, 2014

Used skateboard for sale. Maple skateboard. $15
Good condition.

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Arbor Longboard

Skateboards August 16, 2014

31.5 inches. Bought it for $180. Rode it only like 10 times. Still in great condition with only some small scratches and being a little dirty.

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thunder trucks supreme board custom Grip tape

Skateboards August 13, 2014

board comes with custom grip tape brand new thunder trucks and alot of other new stuff must sale. in great shape

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Need cheap used skateboards for wall design

Skateboards July 27, 2014

I am looking for cheap or free used or even broken skateboards for a room design for a little boy I just need the boards no wheels.

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Smooth skateboard

Skateboards July 25, 2014

This board is in GREAT condition! Everything except the board is brand new, has freshly oiled wheels, and brand new grip tape. I did the paint job myself because I got bored and wanted to refurbish it board. Thanks for looking!

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penny board

Skateboards July 25, 2014

5 month old midnight black penny skateboard.
T-bar included.
I bought it for $160 and all im asking is $60.
Like new condition.

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*Complete Skateboard* (Used Once) Rides Very Smooth!!

Skateboards July 22, 2014

This board rides super smooth and has an undamaged graphic of the galaxy on the bottom. The Griptape has a leaf imprint on it. It has blue cruiser wheels and Diamond co. risers so that the wheels never touch the board. I originally bought it for $160 and have only used it once since then.

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longboard skate board

Skateboards July 21, 2014

Bought 1 year ago paid 300 brand new never ride anymorr and am strapped for cash

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Landyachtz ripple ridge

Skateboards July 16, 2014

2013 Ripple Ridge complete with Zombie Hawgs 88a, Indy 159 hollows, Bear Spaceball bearings, out of the package Khiro Bitch bushings 95a, and hardware. And 1/8inch risers. Board and wheels most used, but no pressure cracks or de-lams and wheels have no coning and good cores. Brand new complete is priced over 220 with all components.

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44″ Pintail Fiberflex G&S Longboard

Skateboards July 14, 2014

I have a brand new {purchased 2013} 44″ Pintail Fiberflex G&S Longboard that has never been used. Im asking $160 OBO. Email me with any questions: k.dotson135@gmail.com

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Landyachtz longboard 40” $200

Skateboards July 4, 2014

Landyachtz Longboard 40” length 9” width. A zero degree truck angle in the back makes the R5 perform like a high-end race car. With top speed riding in mind, the R5 is really the most stable board you can get your hands on.

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Landyachtz longboard 44” $250

Skateboards July 4, 2014

Landyachtz longboard (cruiser)pin tailed, made of real bamboo. bought for 300 selling for 250! 44” length 9” width. Nice and flexible.

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Element Longboard Cruiser in Great Condition

Skateboards July 3, 2014

Selling a lightly used Element “Shovel Nose” cruiser board from their Travel Well series. Only ridden a handful of times, and my only addition from the original board is two horizontal strips of red grip tape. Equipped with Element 5.5 trucks, tan colored urethane 65mm 85a duromter full round shaped wheels and Thriftwood bearings. 4 wheel wells and 3/8″ riser pads. Normally sells for $150 brand new!

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Girl Skateboard

Skateboards May 26, 2014

grip tape practically new
Brand: Girl
Wheels used but still good to use

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Fenrir Valhalla Longboard

Skateboards May 9, 2014

Fenris Valhalla longboard Condition: Very Good
24″-30″ wheelbase! 38″ long x 10″ wide
9 ply hard maple
2/3″ steep tub concave
3/8″ rocker in the nose
.175″ wide W concave
Vigorous Grip
Caliber Trucks (black) Condition: New

Sector 9 Wheels (Green) Condition: Old (but works well)

Red Bearings Condition: New

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Long/Skate board brand new

Skateboards April 24, 2014

Has only been used twice, mint condition

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2 element boards 1 board complete

Skateboards April 21, 2014

2 element bam margera boards 1 comes complete with trucks an wheels, destructo bam trucks, with spitfire wheels, an destructo barrings.. good condition.. email me for some info or if interested

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Baker Tab Good condition… Venture trucks… ricta wheels… bones swiss 608

Skateboards April 16, 2014

In good shape…. not used anymore… email me with questions and inquiries

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*Freestyle speedster! Original DK Apex 40 – Buzzed Trucks/ Bones Swiss

Skateboards March 27, 2014

Focused on freeride-freestyle, the DiamondDrop slides like a dream and keeps you safely locked in. Ride with confidence, pursue steeper hills and longer slides. A full drop (no-micro here) further steps up the Apex’s freeride / sliding game to create a clutch, symmetrical, double-kick deck that’s in tune with whatever you want to do with it. Beautifully thin, ultra durable and oh-so-low, the DiamondDrop holds it’s own as a commuter but still sports one of our favorite slide pockets ever. Perfect on so many levels.
Easy, Steezy, Beautiful.

Full Dropped low (0.925’’) to ease you into your biggest slides with seriously useable (1.25’’ high) double kicks to get you out of a jam or into the air, the Apex 40 DiamondDrop is Original’s freeride-freestyle flagship. Multiple mounting brackets key you into your preferred wheelbase making transitioning from freestyle to freeride and back, easy-steezy. Utilizing the 3 ply northeastern-maple, carbon-reinforced, 2013 fourth generation Original Apex construction, capped off with our new raindrop finish, and backed up by the innovative new PK noseguards, the Apex 40 DiamondDrop is our strongest, most beautiful, “do it all” board yet.

Deck Price: $229
Trucks: Buzzed Billeted Quad Axel, Price: $275
Bones Swiss Ceramic: $100
Zombie Hawg, LY, 76mm, hardware and bushings included.

Board is in very lightly used condition. New grip tape would make it shine as if its new.

Asking price is $375 OBO + tax/shipping

This is one sick & fast board, first to scare me on a turn. Best way to describe it, GNARLY.
I have no need for it other than to get hurt.

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Dark Star Skateboard

Skateboards March 17, 2014

Willing to negotiate the price. I had it for a while, but only used it a few times.

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Complete skateboard (new)!!!

Skateboards March 16, 2014

Bought it recently but just don’t have the time like I used to. New trucks, bearings, and wheels. Need to sell ASAP!

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Nyjah Huston Street league board

Skateboards March 14, 2014

Element Nyjah Huston Street League board, Venture trucks good condition, bone wheels 100’s 55, bone Swiss bearings fast, iron horse hardware, grizzly grip. It’s basically all new I don’t use too trick just for riding it has minor scratches to the tail for stopping. Grip still really grips I’ve had for 2months only for riding. I’m selling cause I’m looking for a new long board so I can either sell it for 120 or if you have a long board I can do trade. I bought at zummiez for 200 so selling for 120 or best offer.

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sweetest board

Skateboards March 9, 2014

-Cool board
-good quality

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Cruiser board for sale

Skateboards March 9, 2014

Sims 7.37″ wide deck w/ ace trucks, Bones swiss bearings, sims 64mm 75a wheels, bones hardcore bushings (medium), clear grip tape (not very distinguishable in photos, sorry), and i have extra set of completely unused OJIII 75mm longboard wheels that I’m willing to sell w/ the board. Everything is very lightly used amd recently cleaned. Originally bought for $175.

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Used Skateboard

Skateboards March 3, 2014

Dew Tour Board, Barely Used

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Black Label Skateboard

Skateboards February 24, 2014

I no longer have time to skate because I have a 3 year old that consumes it all. Her Bday is coming up and I’d like the extra money for her. It’s got a few minor dings and scratches but still works great. I’m only asking $100 obo. I’d like to keep it no less than $80.

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2 used skateboards for sale

Skateboards February 18, 2014

Used but still in Useable shape.
I have an element deck, and alien workshop deck
Silver ventures and silver thunders

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Sector 9 complete longboard

Skateboards February 5, 2014

I got this board last year and I barely used it. It’s still in a very great condition. I would give a 9/10 for that. Please contact me if you are interested in it. Thank you!

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Sector 9 complete skateboard

Skateboards February 5, 2014

I got this board last year and I barely used it. It’s still in a great condition. I would give a 9/10 for that. Please contact me if you are interested in it. Thank you!

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Nyjah Houston Barely used complete skateboard

Skateboards January 29, 2014

Bought it at zumiez in the summer, used it twice then broke my wrist. Probably about an hour total. 9/10 condition. need gone ASAP. Nyjah Houston Deck, Nyjah Houston trucks, grizzly griptape, unknown wheels. costed 140$ at zumiez.

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