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slave skateboard

Skateboards July 6, 2012

a slave deck in good condition. Independent Chris haslam trucks in good condition. Null wheels that are in good. minilogo bearings.

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Penny Skate Board

Skateboards June 9, 2012

In good condition need new wheels call offers

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Skateboards May 30, 2012

Near perfect condition. Only ridden a few times.

Sector 9 Long Board Skate Board

38″L x 8.5″W 8 Ply Maple Deck
8″ Gullwing Mission 1 Trucks
65mm 78a 9Ball Wheels

Valued at $220.

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Basically brand new completely assembled skateboard

Skateboards May 12, 2012

It is a Guy Mariano Girl skate deck with very little cosmetic damage at the nose and tail of the deck; the deck honestly looks virtually brand new as the skateboard has only been ridden three time. The board also features Stevie Williams Venture trucks that absolutely look brand new as they do not have even the slightest scratch. The grip-tape is in pristine condition. The wheels are Modern and are obviously the part of the board which has taken the most wear and tear; however, the wheels still have all their threads and function very well. The board has excellent pop and is approximately 19.5cm wide. I paid $190 for the whole assembly, and I believe $110 is a more than fair offer seeing how the board has only been used three time and only for minutes at a time. The board has basically not been used.

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alien workshop

Skateboards May 3, 2012

it is a jason dill alien workshop shop board, only been raod a few times and only has a bit of scatches on the bottom, it has thunder trucks that are blue and bone swiss bearings.

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Element skateboard *tons of upgrades*

Skateboards January 25, 2012

i have an element skateboard, its has colored hubba wheels, frontages trucks and bones reds 7 speed percision bearings, it is fast and smooth like brand new I thought i would get in to skateboarding but i didnt so its in mint condition.

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Baker Brand Logo White Reg Skateboard Deck

Skateboards January 25, 2012

minor scratches along the tail on both sides. grip tape is new, the trucks are royal and spitfire wheel is 52MM. It shows no signs of wear and tear on the front

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