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7’0 Rocket Fish Funboard Epoxy Surfboard

Surfboards March 22, 2015

Selling this brand new Takeoff Surfboard 7’0 x 22 1/2″ x 2 7/8″ 49 liters Double Wings 5 Fins Set Up Funboard Epoxy Surfboard. Fins, leash & tail pad sold separately. Come check it out in our shop floor. Other boards are availble in this size & price range. If you have any new or pre-owned boards like to trade-in or sell in our store with us on a consignment deal totally welcome. We be interested in Lost RNF, bottomfeeder, weeken warrior, Surf Prescriptions, Roberts dream machine, white diamond, DHD pocket knife,Hayden Shapes’ Hypto Krypto, T-Patterson, etc. Also rental available 1-7 day and demo deal good within 15 day credit towards purchase a new, pre-owned or demo boards you like. Aloha & mahalo!

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RIP IT!!! 5′, 10″ Shortboard by BLACKBIRD

Surfboards February 22, 2015

This board rips! Custom Blackbird epoxy, 5-fin, surfboard shaped by Tim Krozier in really good condition. Dimensions are 5,10 x 19 7/8 x 2 3/8. Rid it as a tri-fin or a quad. Future fin boxes (fins NOT included) and has a soft box tail design with carbon fiber in the bottom rails. Double-to-single concave bottom with reverse ‘V’ in the tail. Similar to the Channel Islands Dumpster Diver, this board paddles into waves really easily and is very loose in the turns. Designed for waist to head-high surf but it handles overhead waves no problem. Epoxy makes board very light, durable and responsive. Minor pressure dings on the deck. Only repair made was having a new leash plug professionally installed at Ding King, as the old plug broke and a small and a half-inch crack in the rail. Had it shaped only 9 months ago and hate to sell it but need the money. Board is worth twice the money but have to get rid of it quickly. $150 firm, cash only.

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511 x 19 x 2.375 Kulture Fish Stick

Surfboards December 2, 2013

5’11” x 19″ x 2-3/8″
1.5lb EPS Blank with hard wood poplar stringer.
Epoxy resin with S Glass lamination. 4+4/4
5 fin Tri or Quad option – Comes with Futures Vector II Quad set of fins.
Self ventilating leash plug.
Carbon tail reinforcements.

$320 – Never has touched the water!
Comes with a set of Quad Vector II Futures ($30) and brand new Katin traction pad ($29.99)!

**Top quality hand shaped and glassed construction in SoCal, EPS/EPX,S-Glass.**

This outline is slightly wider for increased paddling power and has lots of volume under your feet.
It has a very low entry rocker with a medium tail rocker. Excels at smaller beach breaks or mushy reef breaks found in Southern California. Can be ridden in Overhead++ conditions. The round tail and versatile fin setup allows for good hold in solid conditions.

It has a moderate single concave for speed through flat sections and drive in punchy conditions.

Jason (714)658-8827 call/text/email


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6’6″ Stretch Quad – Mako Epoxy

Surfboards March 15, 2013

6’6″ x 19.5 x 2.5 Stretch F4 – Double wing round pin – Mako Epoxy, Incredibly strong and durable.

AMAZING board but I need the money and it sees the least action.

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