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5’11” CI Fred Rubble Squash

Surfboards July 13, 2015

Good condition. Couple small pressure dings on bottom which the pic shows.
Repaired pressure ding on the nose by Foam EZ.
5 fin, FCS
5’11″x 19 x 2 5/16 vol: 27.26

Asking $400 obo.

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Lost Firewire Stealth 6’0″

Surfboards February 15, 2014

Lost Firewire Stealth 6’0″ – Board is in good condition with future fin boxes. It is a 5 fin option, so ride it as a quad or a thruster. Dimensions in the pictures.

From Lost: The “Stealth”…. is a high performance, secret weapon hybrid formulated by “hiding” our …Lost “Rocket” model into the guise of a pointed nose performance short board. Team riders (“Pros”) were stoked on “The Rockets” performance in small surf but were afraid to use in contests for fear of negative reaction from judges. At the same time, the “Bros” were asking for a “Short board that surfs like the Rocket” so I can ride a pointed nose outline. Viola! The combination of extreme tail rocker and deep concave provide lift and unparalleled turning radius. The Low entry rocker with a traditional pulled in nose template allows performance short board antics with the speed of a “fish”. Full rails and wide tail keep everything easy to use for everyone. Available now in FST technology as a 5 fin “convertible”. Finally, there’s a board that can be “everything for everyone”

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Surfboards October 25, 2013

This is an Eskimo board that was designed by John Henderson. It is 6’2 21 1/8 2 1/2. It’s a fish with quad fins and it rides really good. It has some chunks that have been solidly fixed as if it were never chunked; solid board!!

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‘Doc’ Lausch Shortboard

Surfboards September 25, 2013

Selling a ‘Doc’ Lausch surfboard- never used.
Dimensions: 5’8″ x 18&1/2″ x 2″
Quad, Bat Tail; includes fins.

Retail $620-630 (HSS)
$550 or *best offer

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6’6″ Stretch Quad – Mako Epoxy

Surfboards March 15, 2013

6’6″ x 19.5 x 2.5 Stretch F4 – Double wing round pin – Mako Epoxy, Incredibly strong and durable.

AMAZING board but I need the money and it sees the least action.

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Taylor Quad Surfboard

Surfboards June 18, 2012

This board has only been ridden a handful of times and is in very good condition. It excels in all condition from steep/ hollow waves to mellow/ mushy waves, or anything in between. Due to the quad fin setup, this board generates and maintains speed making it very fast, while turning and holding onto the wave extremely well. This board is great for any level surfing, and is a great board all over with a very low price of $325 O.B.O. ($650 new in store)

6’6″ 20 1/8 2 3/4

Contact this number:
650 862 9802

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5’9″ Ambrose Sputnik Quad Fish – Surfboard

Surfboards January 17, 2012

5’9″ x 20.5″ x 2.5″

Shawn Ambrose Sputnik model, Stringerless, EPS/Epoxy, LOKBOX Shawn Ambrose “Quadzilla” quad fins, with carbon fiber ‘Flex Drive’ strips along the rails.

Board is in very nice condition.

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